Receiverships & ORE Foreclosures
  • Are you an asset manager for a financial institution or investment group?
  • Are you in the process of filing a receivershipor have you just completed a foreclosure on a self-storage facility?
  • Do you have FDIC filings and FDICreimbursement requirements?

Cutting Edge Self Storage Management has extensive experience working with financial institutions and investors for the purpose of Receiverships and ORE Foreclosures, our company principals have worked with Citi Bank, First Union (Wells Fargo), T. D. Bank, and the RTC.

Remember, the self storage industry is an industry unto itself. The self storage industry is not the hospitality industry, office space industry, medical supply industry, or the restaurant industry. The self storage industry has its own laws, verbiage, nuances, and operational standards. The importance of hiring a management company that specializes in the self storage industry cannot be overstated. Do not try to “go at it alone” or “learn on the fly”.

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    Questions to Ask Before You Hire A Self Storage Management Company